Welcome to Subbotnik, an organisation where Russian culture meets Jewish tradition!  

Established in April 2015 by a group of  volunteers in Melbourne, Australia, the Subbotnik organisation aims to celebrate the rich cultural and spiritual heritage of Russian Jews around the world in the most inclusive way. Held at community centres and synagogues, the Subbotnik events unite families and singles, children and seniors, religious and secular people, and everyone else in between.

Volunteers play an integral part in our activities. Be it shopping or cooking, assisting with administration duties or helping to produce our newsletter, we welcome volunteers with all skills and talents to help us grow.

Each Subbotnik event is different but what makes our functions unique is the special, warm, informal atmosphere enjoyed by people of all ages and backgrounds.

We all belong and we all matter. We all want to express Judaism our way. And we all know how to make Gefilte Fish and Borsht best!

Our Organising Committee includes Avi and Sarah Bendetsky, Ariel and Alona Krapivin, Arthur and Sheina Sofia Shisman, Alina Zamel-Well, Rabbi Yoni Reyder and Shailee Mendelevich.

If you would like to host a Subbotnik event in your community or would like to volunteer or donate, please contact info@subbotnik.org.au