FREE Mezuzot Installation Campaign Kick-Starts in Melbourne & Sydney

Our first-ever volunteer-driven Mezuzah campaign in memory of Avigdor ben Sarah Genya and Eliyahu ben Aharon kick-started in Melbourne and Sydney.

For thousands of years, Jewish homes around the world have been protected by Mezuzot — small, handwritten beautiful parchments with the Torah words. Jewish Sages explain that Mezuzot have a Divine power to protect you from all sorts of dangers.

Our campaign allows you to protect your family, home & office with a Mezuzah on every door or check your existing Mezuzot!

What’s the catch? There is NONE! Any Russian-speaking Jewish person in Australia is eligible. Sign up. Our volunteers will do the rest. There are NO COSTS! No stress! No strings attached! And no worries; only pure Naches! Order your Mezuzot now by clicking here and choose the best day and time for installation.